Sunday, April 10, 2011

4 - 10 - 11 Steve, from Ossining, who I photographed on April 2. The other male nude men, were added for on-going photos for Still Shooting Men.
I've decided to do this blog "STILL SHOOTING MEN" so I can add new digital photographs for everyone to see, since you are aware of my official website "SHE SHOOTS MEN", featuring early photographs. As you know, I have been photographing the male nude since 1976, it may even be since 1974, if I carefully look thru my archive of photographs and probably would be able to find some male nude photographs from that year. I am also seeking a reputable publisher to do a fabulous photographic monograph that would feature photographs from the beginning up to my current work, which is always evolving and different. I am still passionate about photographing the male nude. It is always different, new and challenging to continue on my mission for the male nude to gain acceptance in our society.