Saturday, December 2, 2017

12 - 2 - 17  Photographed "Z" today in his midtown apartment.  Very cool, creative guy and open-minded.  He's comfortable with nudity and his body, keeps himself in great physical form, which shows with his six-pack.  He looks much younger for his age and has a young wife, who watched while I did his nude pixs.  A very cool couple, too.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

9 - 13 - 17  Went to Jersey City to photograph Joseph, who I photographed before and wanted to do again, since he enjoyed being photographed by a female.  He lives in the south and came up north to visit friends and to connect with me to do some new photographs.  He is in his 60's but looks like he is in his 40's.  Nice guy and loves to travel nationally and internationally.

Monday, June 19, 2017

6 - 19 - 17  Photographed Sal in his hotel room, who is visiting NYC.  Never did a nude photo shoot with a female photographing him, was on his bucket list.  He mentioned that he was a bit nervous, but it all worked out very well and looking forward to do again.  He wanted me to direct the entire shoot and I did and always ask for suggestions.  He said he's interested in an outdoor shoot.  Do need a secluded place to do and do know where they are.
He's married with children, looks good for his age and will be showing his pixs to his lovely wife.

Monday, May 8, 2017

5 - 8 - 17  John, 67 years of age, traveled to NYC from the Virginia area to do a photo shoot and to visit friends and do some cultural stops, while here.  He's single, tall and retired and open-minded.  Gentle guy, smart and loves to travel, has an upcoming cruise to Cancun coming up this summer.  He made suggestions of poses that he wanted me to capture, along with tucking his penis in between his legs to get in touch with his feminine side.  Always positive to explore your desires and he did.  He's looking forward to doing, since he has now met me and surely will shoot new and different photos to add to his portfolio.

Friday, February 24, 2017

2 - 24 - 17  Photographed Mark, from Long Island in the midtown studio.  I photographed him, many years ago and wanted to do again, before he relocated to California.  A new chapter in his life, to go along with new photos of himself.  He had a lot of suggestions for poses that he wanted me to photograph, him doing and worked out very well.  A very nice guy and looking forward to photographing him, when he returns to the NYC.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

9 - 14 - 16  Photographed Andre today, who is from London.  Have photographed him on many occasions and always welcome the opportunity to do, again.  He was here four years ago and now has more cool tattoos and lost some weight, showing his abs.  Looking good, looking cool.  Always open-minded about doing anything and had suggestions for me.  I like when the guys have suggestions, so they can be sure to get the pixs that they want and more.

8 - 23 - 16  Photographed Lewis in the midtown studio and is from Connecticut.  Always wanted to and has contacted me many times, finally arranged.  He wanted an array of photos from subtle to erotic and got right to the erotic photos.  He said it was fun, hot and interesting and will do again.