Thursday, January 5, 2012

1 - 5 - 12 "Masked Men" series continues with Walter, age 49 yrs., single, lives in Brooklyn and wanted to have the experience of being photographed by a female. He mentioned that he did a few photos of a girlfriend, but wanted to do more and know what it is like, being on the other side of the coin. He wants to do more photos of her and to send a few photos of himself to her. I did some photos of him in his living room, some with a mirror and then took a few of him lying on his bed. When looking at nudes, he prefers to see a piece of clothing on the body, instead of all nude. He wanted to look at some porn photos on his computer, while he masturbated, then he did the "money" shot. Said he would like to do some photos with a nude female, the next time. I think that will happen, too.