Wednesday, September 14, 2016

9 - 14 - 16  Photographed Andre today, who is from London.  Have photographed him on many occasions and always welcome the opportunity to do, again.  He was here four years ago and now has more cool tattoos and lost some weight, showing his abs.  Looking good, looking cool.  Always open-minded about doing anything and had suggestions for me.  I like when the guys have suggestions, so they can be sure to get the pixs that they want and more.

8 - 23 - 16  Photographed Lewis in the midtown studio and is from Connecticut.  Always wanted to and has contacted me many times, finally arranged.  He wanted an array of photos from subtle to erotic and got right to the erotic photos.  He said it was fun, hot and interesting and will do again.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

8 - 13 - 16  Photographed Ned before, years ago.  He had moved to the coast and has now returned to the NYC area and wanted to do again.  He always finds the shoots hot and erotic and enjoys doing them, so he was happy to have reconnected with me to do his latest pixs.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

7 - 10 - 16  Photographed Joe today in his Lower Eastside hotel where he was staying.  He's single, has  a girlfriend, very artistic and creative.   This was his first time visiting NYC and I'm sure he will be returning.  Always admired my photographic work and wanted to do a photo shoot with me, so it was set up to do, while he came here to do an event in the city.  He told me that he purchased a copy of my SHE SHOOTS MEN photo book and if he had brought with him, I would have signed it.  Perhaps on a return visit, he will bring with him.  He's from the south and told me they are more conservative than here, but is true with lots of places.  There's no place like NYC!  He took his first subway ride and ventured around.   Nice guy!!!

Friday, June 3, 2016

5 - 26 - 16  Photographed Brandon in the Times Square studio on a hot day.  He lives in Long Island, married, has a few kids.  He contacted me, saying that I photographed him 15 years ago and can't believe all this times has past.  Remembering me and my name, google me and asked if still photographing male nudes, which I am always doing.  My mission and lifetime passion.  He wanted new photos of himself, since he does a lot of bacholorette parties, likes to give the ladies his pix.  He wore a red G-string and then wanted sexual photos of himself.  Nice guy and vivid memories of the shoot, 15 years ago, returned to my memory. Perhaps he will contact me again, 15 years from now.

Friday, March 18, 2016

3 - 18 - 16  Photographed Ned today in midtown studio.  He's from New Jersey and always wanted to have the experience of being photographed by a female and now has accomplished his goal.  He was relaxed and all went along very well.  Nice guy and is super cool, is uninhabited and is comfortable going to nude beaches.  Matter of fact, feels more comfortable at the beach nude, than in a bathing suit.