Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12 - 7 - 11 Ronnie, 40's, divorced, lives in midtown and works in midtown.Did the shoot during his lunchtime and said I made him feel very comfortable the entire time. Did a series of photos where I stripped him with the camera, removing a item of clothing at a time, til nude. He flexed his muscles and did have nice arms, very defined with muscles. He got a semi-erections, then masturabated while he was on the bed. Said shoot was hot and more than he thought it would be and wants to do another in January 2012. This was the first time doing a shoot with a female and the next time doing, I am sure will be different for him.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

12 - 3 - 11 I'm always photographing Lewis in his Chelsea condo on a regular basis. He's in his 70's and always tells me that he wants to keep being photographed nude, since he finds it erotica for him and hopes that I will continue photographing male nudes, which I always tell him, I'll be doing as long as I can hold the camera, forever. He is so open-minded and full of life and likes to get an erection and feels the experience is a rejunvenating one for him. Looking forward to the next shoot, all are always different.
12 - 1 - 11 Roberto was visiting NYC from a sunny state and photographed him where he was staying. A fine, defined body and a good-looking guy. Would have like to have photographed him to show it off, but due to certain work situation, could do, hence included in my Masked Men series. Was open-minded and open to all posing, which he did some head-stands for me.
The available light on his body, showed off his well-toned chest, arms, back and legs. He got into the shower and the beads of water, looked good on him. Did have a semi-erection at some point, but didn't do a full erections, perhaps next time.