Thursday, September 20, 2012

9 - 20 - 12  Another shoot today with Leo from Chelsea, who as you know is my oldest guy to be photographing.  He's  right up there with guy's half his age and as sexual as they are, so good to see and an outstanding inspiration to those who are not into being sexual.  He even had another sex object to play with, interesting to see what he comes up with, since I am creative and prefer when the guy's that I photograph have input into their photo shoots with me.  It shows me that there are many dynamics to a male nude photo shoot, which is to explore, have fun and do whatever your heart and penis desires. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

9 - 9 - 12  Photographed Anthony today, who arrived from London with his adorable wife, Samantha to do another photo shoot with me.  I have photographed him many times and always fun, hot and interesting to do.  He has fantastic tattos on his torso and back, along with ball piercings on his penis.  Open to it all and has masturbated for some of his photos.  The fun aspect is when his wife does some photos with him.  I love the fact that from the very beginning that I photographed him, she was there to watch.  This time she put on sexy lingerie and did hot, hot, pixs with him, for them to have.  Being creative, open with your spouse or partner, definitely leads to a special bond for a couple to have, soul-mates, indeed.  Always a pleasure to photograph them.
8 - 31 - 12  Went to Queens to photograph Matthew in the apartment that he was vacating from and moving to Long Island, where he bought a house.  The place was empty to do his photos.  He wanted photos to present to his soon-to-be wife and did a variety that include subtle, erotic and erections.  A very respectful, Italian guy and very mature for being in his 20's and has accomplished a lot for such a young age.  Liked his photos and even asked if I photographed couples, which I do and he's hoping that his new bride will like the idea, too.