Thursday, February 20, 2014

2 - 20 - 14  Went to photograph, Leo today and haven't seen him in about a year, lives in Chelsea and will be having a birthday coming up in May, unbelievably late 70's, still going strong, still curious, open and is into new experiences.  Life doesn't pass him by, he embraces it with open arms.  I have photographed him numerous times, goes back years and years, still interesting to connect with him.  He told me all about his visit to Calif. in December and what a time he had with going to a special place in Big Sur.  He enjoys women, he enjoys it all, especially when a pair of eyes are on his penis, which gets an erection and he gets very hot, being in an erotic situation is a turn-on.  Here's to more of them!!!!  P.S.  He's also in my photo book, She Shoots Men, two photos of him.
                                                              "Her Face/His Body"