Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11 - 27 - 12  Met Tony at the studio to do his nude photos.  He mentioned to me that he always wanted to have the experience of being photographed by a female, along with getting nude photos of himself.  Married guy, in his 40's and lives in the suburbs.  Really nice guy, friendly, nice smile, upbeat and ready for anything, along with having a nice size-penis, shaved pubic area.  Here he is for my "Masked Men" series.  He quickly looked thru the digital photos and liked what he was seeing, perhaps he make do again and if so, I am sure the shoot will be different, which they usually are, when doing again.  Keep having fun, is his motto and mojo.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

10 - 9 - 12  Today, photographed Mike, age 28 and lives in Queens.  Always wanted to do, so he did and said it was "more than he thought it would be and very enjoyable to do."  He brought 2 different outfits to change into, since he wanted to do some photos with all his clothes on so he can use for online purposes, including headshots.  He mentioned to me that it is very difficult to find love in NYC in this day and age with all the social media, instead of meeting face-to-face.  He even asked me how it was in my days of dating, which I said are all long-gone, but gave him encouragement.  Nice looking guy and had a very well trimmed beard, making him look a bit distinguished and older for his age.  Did subtle nude photos, perhaps next time a little more stronger, if he desires to do so. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

9 - 20 - 12  Another shoot today with Leo from Chelsea, who as you know is my oldest guy to be photographing.  He's  right up there with guy's half his age and as sexual as they are, so good to see and an outstanding inspiration to those who are not into being sexual.  He even had another sex object to play with, interesting to see what he comes up with, since I am creative and prefer when the guy's that I photograph have input into their photo shoots with me.  It shows me that there are many dynamics to a male nude photo shoot, which is to explore, have fun and do whatever your heart and penis desires. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

9 - 9 - 12  Photographed Anthony today, who arrived from London with his adorable wife, Samantha to do another photo shoot with me.  I have photographed him many times and always fun, hot and interesting to do.  He has fantastic tattos on his torso and back, along with ball piercings on his penis.  Open to it all and has masturbated for some of his photos.  The fun aspect is when his wife does some photos with him.  I love the fact that from the very beginning that I photographed him, she was there to watch.  This time she put on sexy lingerie and did hot, hot, pixs with him, for them to have.  Being creative, open with your spouse or partner, definitely leads to a special bond for a couple to have, soul-mates, indeed.  Always a pleasure to photograph them.
8 - 31 - 12  Went to Queens to photograph Matthew in the apartment that he was vacating from and moving to Long Island, where he bought a house.  The place was empty to do his photos.  He wanted photos to present to his soon-to-be wife and did a variety that include subtle, erotic and erections.  A very respectful, Italian guy and very mature for being in his 20's and has accomplished a lot for such a young age.  Liked his photos and even asked if I photographed couples, which I do and he's hoping that his new bride will like the idea, too.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

8 - 30 - 12  I photographed Roger, 3 years ago and this time he came into NYC to do, where I photographed him in a midtown studio.  He's more mature, reserved and serious and a very smart guy.  Doing his residency at a local hospital, busy guy and wanted new, nude photos of himself that were subtle.  I made lots of suggestions, but he preferred very plain photos, which I delivered.
He took a look at the digital and liked them all, very much.  He's planning on working out, over the next few months and wants to do again.  Here's my

"Front/Back" photographs.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

6 -14 - 12  Walter travelled into NYC from NJ to do his shoot in the West 36th Studio.  We did a variety of pixs, some were outside on the fire escape of the building.  He always wanted to do a photo shoot with a female photographer, since it was on his "bucket list."  He has bright blue eyes and a great smile.  He was easy to direct and open to all suggestions, even had he lay across a wooden stool, while I photographed him.  He masturbated and did the "money shot" at the end of it all.  Hope to photograph he outdoors in a State Park in NJ after Labor Day.  Did my front/back photos, along with masked men series.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6 - 6 - 12  Photographed Leo in his Chelsea apartment where he had some items that he hand-made to put around his penis and testicles.  He always comes up with creative, playful sex toys to use.  I took some photos out on his deck and in his bedroom where he danced around for my camera.  I've been photographing Leo since 2003 and currently, he is the oldest guy that I've taken photos of in the nude.  I've previously photographed someone who was 87 yrs. of age, but has since passed away.  Leo turned 76 in May.  He always enjoys the shoots, since he finds them erotic.

Friday, May 25, 2012

5 - 25 - 12  Today, photographed Robert in Asbury Park, NJ.  Tall, slim and moves like a model.  Did some pictures indoors and some outdoors.  He always looks cool and slinky, with or without clothes on.  I'm looking forward to doing more photos of him and of course, they will get hotter and hotter.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

4 - 14 - 12  Greg, drove down from upstate NY for hours to do his shoot.  I've photographed him a few times before and always different and interesting.  He likes to bring an assortment of items with him to hang from his testicles.  These photos show a 12 lb. barbell that he attached and let dangle.  He continues to amaze me.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

3 - 31 - 12  Jeff took the train down from upstate New York to do his shoot, wanted to have the experience.  Just recently got married for the 2nd time and told me he didn't think he'd do again, but met the right women and is happy.  He started to remove his clothes, before I got ready with my camera, but asked him to wait, since I wanted to strip him with my camera.  This usually relaxes the guy and makes for an interesting sequence for him to see.  He got aroused and seemed like he was enjoying himself.

Said he would contact me to do again.  Nice guy, too!  His pixs for "Front/Back" series.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

3 - 29 - 12  Martin lives in Brooklyn, single and wanted to have the experience of being photographed by a female, never had done it.  So, I included him in my
"Her Face/Your Body" series that shows off his dark skin and assortment of jewelry that was around his neck and wrists.  A cool, nice guy who wants to do again.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

1 - 5 - 12 "Masked Men" series continues with Walter, age 49 yrs., single, lives in Brooklyn and wanted to have the experience of being photographed by a female. He mentioned that he did a few photos of a girlfriend, but wanted to do more and know what it is like, being on the other side of the coin. He wants to do more photos of her and to send a few photos of himself to her. I did some photos of him in his living room, some with a mirror and then took a few of him lying on his bed. When looking at nudes, he prefers to see a piece of clothing on the body, instead of all nude. He wanted to look at some porn photos on his computer, while he masturbated, then he did the "money" shot. Said he would like to do some photos with a nude female, the next time. I think that will happen, too.