Saturday, January 25, 2014

1 - 25 - 14  Photographed Allen, 6'1", muscular and very nice, respectful guy. Always wanted to do and finally did.  He traveled in from NJ and also had a female nude model, Melissa to pose with him and next to him, suggestive and looking lovely.  (So, all you guys out there, contact me to do a shoot with her!)He masturbated and only if we were fine with it all.  She giggled when he asked, since she does lots of nude shoots with male photographers, was happy to do with me.  This is usually what the guys tell me, always wanted to do a nude shoot, but didn't want to do with male photographer, so happy to find me.  He posed with her and her around him, looking drapey around his shoulders.  He said will contact me to do again, since he felt a bit nervous, meeting both of us for the first time.  Usually the second time to do, results in very strong photos.