Saturday, October 6, 2012

10 - 9 - 12  Today, photographed Mike, age 28 and lives in Queens.  Always wanted to do, so he did and said it was "more than he thought it would be and very enjoyable to do."  He brought 2 different outfits to change into, since he wanted to do some photos with all his clothes on so he can use for online purposes, including headshots.  He mentioned to me that it is very difficult to find love in NYC in this day and age with all the social media, instead of meeting face-to-face.  He even asked me how it was in my days of dating, which I said are all long-gone, but gave him encouragement.  Nice looking guy and had a very well trimmed beard, making him look a bit distinguished and older for his age.  Did subtle nude photos, perhaps next time a little more stronger, if he desires to do so.